Using Uncle Eric Books for High School Economics and Participation in Government {Includes FREE Lesson Plans}

Using Uncle Eric Books is a simple and engaging way to fulfill High School Economics and Participation in Government credits.

New York State Homeschool Regulations state that in high school our students have to complete .05 credits of Economic study, and .05 credits of Participation in Government studies.

We have done our Homeschool High School Economics and Participation in Government using Uncle Eric Books from Bluestocking Press. Here I will outline the books to use, the order to use them in and offer up FREE Printable Lesson Plan Schedules to complete these courses.

Homeschooling in New York State from Starts At Eight

Homeschool High School Economics and Participation in Government with Uncle Eric Books

The Uncle Eric books, written by Richard J. Maybury, are designed for young and old alike. Using the epistolary style of writing (using letters to tell a story), Mr. Maybury plays the part of an economist writing a series of letters to his niece or nephew. With stories and examples, he gives interesting and clear explanations of topics that are generally thought to be too difficult for anyone but experts.

Bluestocking Guides are designed to reinforce and enhance a student’s understanding of the subject matter presented in the primer.  Comprehension Questions are given for each chapter – these include:

  • Definition
  • True/False
  • Short Answer/Fill-in questions

Answers are located in the back of the study guide. Application Exercises are also given – generally, these ask the student to apply the knowledge he/she learned from a given chapter to “real world” situations so that the student may personalize the information and better retain and apply the knowledge gained from the primer. Application Exercises are provided for several chapters and include:

  • Discussion
  • Essay
  • Research assignments

Suggestions for further study (books, movies, etc.) are included in many of the guides.

Economics with Uncle Eric Books

In addition to assisting the student in the retention of the subject matter, the study guides will serve as documentation of course completion.

While I didn’t do this the first time around, this time I am adding in the Crash Course Economics Series to our study. While this isn’t necessary, I added it because my kids love the Crash Course videos, and they make a nice overview of economics topics.

There are also corresponding Crash Course Economics Student Worksheets that make a great review and record of your student’s learning.

Participation in Government with Uncle Eric Books

Below is a whole U.S Government & Politics course using Crash Course {Click on the image}. While we will not be using all the extra worksheets and resources because it would be too much content, we will most likely view all of the videos as we work our way through our Uncle Eric Books.

Crash Course U.S. Government & Politics for High School from Starts At Eight

Uncle Eric Books FREE Printable Lesson Plans

Since I decided to use the Uncle Eric Books as well as some added videos with my son, I created a checklist style lesson plan to help keep him on track.

There are no dates on it which makes it flexible and easy to use. I often use this style of lesson plans so that I can simply take the number of bulleted lessons there are and divide by the number of days I have to complete them in.

My son likes to block schedule his work so he likes a more general format where he can sit down once a week or so and do a whole bunch of lessons in a row. This helps to keep his focus on one task instead of having to jump from subject to subject. I have him take a pencil and mark goal dates along the way so he knows how far he needs to be throughout the year.

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