Thanksgiving Thankfuls ~ November 8th, 2010

Today I am thankful for Alicia.  She is one of Chloe’s coaches, as well as our neighbor.  I am thankful for her for more than the obvious reason she would first mention…..she is Chloe’s personal taxi to and from the gym, a lot!

I am thankful for her because she is a support, and a cheerleader for Chloe.  She tells her how it is, and they have “debugging” time on the car ride home.   I am also thankful for Alicia because she has taken on, probably to her dismay, the unofficial role of team photographer.  No one has the opportunity to capture the things she does and I know so many are grateful for the time and effort she puts in to this.

Alicia has also extended her friendship to me (and many others) as well.  The “Game Nights” she organizes are a blast for all who have the privilege of attending.

Now, to you Alicia.  You may not read this blog post, but I know you will read my blurb on Facebook about it!  I want you to know that you are loved and appreciated by Joey, Chloe and I.

P.S. I hope this photo is acceptable.