Preschool Readers List of Favorite Books

My preschooler, like my other two has a great love of books and reading.  She not only wants to be read to, but will “read” on her own, as well as actually read simpler books with me.  We have some favorites that I would like to share.

A Preschool Readers List of Favorite Books from Starts At Eight

Preschool Readers

Read Alouds:

  • The Red Blanket takes you on an adoption journey to China, with a blanket that starts out new and ends up very well loved.  My oldest, now 11 fell in love with this book at first reading so I bought her a copy.
  • The Rattletrap Car…..”it doesn’t go fast and it doesn’t go far”.  Takes from a farm where everyone is “hot, hot, hot” in an old car to the lake where everyone gets “cool, cool, cool”. Here are some fun activities for Rattletrap Car.
  • The Pinkalicious books follow her through her love of the color pink.  From cupcakes, to paintings, and even a magical horse.  Ava, my girlie girl has delighted in these stories.  Her favorite by far is Purplicious.
  • Ella is a favorite series of my son.  He delighted in her trip with the cake, and her funny run in with bullies. {Ella Sets the Stage, Ella Takes the Cake, Ella Sets Sail}
  • Orson Blasts Off takes you on an imaginary space adventure with a toy or Orson’s that comes to life.

Easy Beginning Readers:

  • The Bob Book Series is one I have only used with my preschooler, Ava.  She has enjoyed having small sized books to hold and read.  They are short, and build on each other so it has been nice for her while gaining early reading skills.
  • All of my children learned to read with so many of the Dr. Seuss books, but The Foot Book, and Go! Dog! Go! were among the best ones in my opinion.  The Foot Book covers some useful basics like left, and right. Here are 7 activities for The Foot Book. The same with Go! Dog! Go!, the repetition of words like dog, in, out, up, down, stop, and go make it a great book to reinforce some simple words.

Other Book Favorites:

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