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  1. Shana
    November 5, 2010 @ 8:49 am

    I’m sitting here reading this at 8:44 on a gloomy Friday morning, with tears in my eyes. First, I totally needed this today. Second, I almost didn’t give you that bracelet for fear you’d think it was cheesy, or silly, or dumb, (etc.) but I did anyway, with your voice in my head telling me to “own it”, figuring I should be true to myself. In return I got your unconditional, loving me for my goofy self, true, honest to goodness Heidi support. Saying I love you isn’t enough. Telling you how thankful I am that you have come into my life just doesn’t cut it. I thank you for helping me grow, bolstering me up (constantly) and simply for loving me as I come, for who I am. THANK YOU!!!! *sniff*

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