Thanksgiving Thankfuls ~ November 3rd, 2010

Yesterday I received a phone call from a parent of one of Chloe’s friends.  Of course, my first reaction is panic, “What has my child done?”.  It turns out this parent was calling to tell me how much they appreciate Chloe and the good friend she has been to their child.  🙂  This parent went on to say, “you must be doing something right because she has a good head on her shoulders.”.  As much as I would like to take all the credit, I know that much of it needs to go to Chloe.  She is genuinely good at heart.  She wants everyone to be happy, and to feel good about themselves.  She has sacrificed her own boundaries more than once to ensure the other person’s feelings were not hurt.  (Something we are working to correct because everyone needs to draw a line somewhere!)  Needless to say, today I am thankful for Chloe, and the loving, caring person she is growing up to be.