Thanksgiving Thankfuls ~ November 2nd, 2010

Every morning as I lie awake in bed, I hear the drawers slamming in Jayden’s room as he gets dressed.  I hear the clunk of Chloe’s door popping open as she heads to the bathroom.   Then I hear the rhythm of little feet on the floor, the pause, the slight whimper at the sight of the high jump, and then the soft thump as Muffin lands on my bed.  She is our 8 year old toy poodle.  Only the best dog ever!  So good that we often take her for granted.  She has been particularly good about the addition of our new puppy, Oscar as well.  So today, as I am thinking of a picture a just took of her sitting up all poised as we carved our pumpkins on Friday, I am thankful for Muffin.

Muffin must breathe your air!

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