Engaging Summer Olympics Activities & Resources

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are set to begin on Friday, August 5, 2016 and end on Sunday, August 21st. With all the Olympic Trials going on right now we are in full Olympic swing here in our house! I have found many great Summer Olympics Activities and Resources that could be used not only for this year, but for any year of the Summer Olympic Games.

Engaging Summer Olympics Activities & Resources from Starts At Eight

Even though we are off from official school for the summer, events like the Summer Olympics are something we try to engage with and learn about as they are happening as that is when they are most interesting and exciting. There are resources here for students of all ages with many adaptable to use with multiple ages!

Summer Olympics Activities

Here are some of the Summer Olympics activities and resources we are using to help us learn about the games and to keep us more actively involved in this major event in history.

1. You Are An Artist

Summer Games

My daughter has loved using chalk pastels from the moment we first picked up one of the You Are An Artist books. {Note: You will often see us use oil pastels with these as well.}

We have started diving in to the Summer Games  book as we watch the Olympic Trials and follow along on the road to the 2016 Summer Games.

Summer Olympics Chalk Pastel Collage

2. Online Resources

1. Olympic Online Unit Study

This course has five modules:

  • History of the Olympics
  • Traditions of the Olympics
  • Becoming an Olympian
  • 2016 Summer Olympics
  • Project: Olympics Puzzle Collection

You can visit the product page (Simply click on the Olympics image above) and sign up for the “History of the Olympics” module. You will then get a link to that, plus a coupon for full enrollment!

2. The home of the Olympic Games

This is the official Olympic site with links to the past and future games as well everything you want and need to know to keep up with the action! This is a GO TO RESOURCE!

3. Printables

4. Book Resources