Sophie’s Choice ~ Post 2 ~ Holocaust

My New Year’s Resolution for 2011 was to read Sophie’s Choice by William Styron.

My progress is much slower than I would like I am only 38% done). There are three main reasons for this. The first reason is simply that I am not finding the time to read. Between homeschooling the kids, keeping up with the house, running nighttime schedules, spending time with hubby, just plain vegging out, etc. I am just not squeezing in much reading. The second reason might have something to do with the first though! My second reason for slow progress is the down right run on, selfish storytelling that makes up this book! It is tedious and BORING! I press on because it was my goal to read it, and I know there is a punchline somewhere (at least I hope there is). My third and final reason for the lack of progress is the holiday season. We have been snuggling in to holiday movies, or making holiday treats, or playing on our new Wii that the kids bought with their own money.

Oops! There is a fourth reason! I have been sidetracked with one of the major themes in the book, the Holocaust and concentration camps. After reading some of the descriptions Sophie gave in the book, I took to digging a little deeper and came up with this extensive website about Auschwitz and the Holocaust called, The Auschwitz Album. I found it to be a wealth of information. The photos are hunting. Obviously due to the nature of the subject would recommend parents be cautious about the viewing audience.

This theme seems to be popping up in other places as well. The book we chose to read for Ava’s December book club meeting was called A Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco. This book included a Jewish couple separated during the Holocaust who are reunited after believing the other is dead. It is a picture book for young children, that is primarily about a minister who moves his family to a new church, and his son who is unhappy with the move. However I felt the “twist” about the Jewish couple was above the level of my 5 year old and could be disturbing to young children. I did however have my 12 year old read it, as I knew she would be more likely to understand the connection between the couple.