Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ August 31st 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook

August 31st, 2010…

Outside my window…the birds have swarmed the feeders since they are newly filled.  The sky is hazy but we are looking to enjoy another 90 degree day and some pool time with our friend Alicia.

I am thinking…how happy I am that Chloe gained the skills at the gym that she wanted to.  She is now the proud owner of a round off – back hand spring – back tuck on the floor, and a back walkover on the beam.  They were the two biggies that she needed to move up to level 6 this year.  We are so very proud of her for fighting her fears and going for her skills!

I am thankful for…the changing seasons here in NY.  Just when summer is coming to a close, I am always ready to put on a pair of jeans and dig in to the school routine.  On the opposite end, when the buds start to appear again in the spring, I am ready to dust off my flip-flops and head outside!

From the learning rooms…we are a week away from the start of a new year.  The bookshelves are built, the time line is half done and we are looking forward to hanging the inflatable solar system across our homeschool room.

From the kitchen…now that our freezer is filling with frozen food again, we are back to our meal planning routine.  The kids are excited to have pancakes and strawberries for dinner tonight.

I am creating…a whole lot of NOTHING!  Over the summer I have completed 3 out of 48 squares for Chloe’s knitted blanket.  Hopefully in the fall and winter she will kick in and knit a bunch as well.  Other than that, my plans are done for the school year, the time line 1/2 up, and soon (maybe)  I will have time to think about creating an upgraded version of my blog

I am reading…The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald. We watched the movie from 1947 with the kids last week.  Chloe really enjoyed it.  I think she was proud to tell her friends that she watched a black and white movie.  We plan on watching at least one of the Ma and Pa Kettle movies that came from the characters in The Egg and I.

I am hoping…this nice weather continues through the weekend so we can enjoy our one and only camping trip this year that will be just the 5 of us.

I am hearing…jumping.  Jayden is getting his PS3 time in and that means jumping while moving all over in order to play the game.  Chloe is whistling and playing the piano with her friend, and Ava is making her new Dora doll a robot.

One quote for the week… Your best is always good enough.  (It is one that I made up to tell Chloe when she is discouraged at the gym.)

A few plans for the rest of the week: swimming with Alicia, clothes shopping for the kids, Walk n Talk (I think), camping and the NY State Fair.

Here is the picture I am sharing…