Are You an Easy-to-Listen-to Parent? (And Other Parenting Tools)

I am going to start by telling you my parenting truth… I am not an “Easy-to-listen-to” parent. Sigh. I am however working on it! With a few simple parenting tools, I am learning to (and we can all improve), the tone in our house, as well as our relationships with our children.

Are You An Easy-to-Listen-to Parent (And other parenting tools) from Starts At Eight

Using 8 simple tools for raising great kids by Todd Cartmell, I am transforming not only the way I interact with my children, but the way I go about correcting their behavior over the long haul. {Disclosure: I want to thank Moody Publishers for supplying me with a copy of 8 simple tools for raising great kids for me to review. While I received this free of charge in exchange for my review, my opinions are my own, and have not been influenced in any way Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

The Nitty Gritty

This book is broken down by the parenting tips. With each of the eight parenting tips are 5 brief chapters. Each chapter ends with a practical tip that will help you remember the main point of that chapter, as well as a follow-up thought or action to consider that you can put into practice immediately in your daily life.

Talking Tip 4


While each chapter is only a couple of pages, and the concept might seem easy, you might find like I did that changing your behavior is harder than you think!

To make your life just a little easier, there is even a quick reference summary of all the tips in the back of the book! I snapped a quick photo of these to keep on my phone for quick reference! It is a great way to refresh my memory on the go and when I am feeling a little less than stellar in my parenting roll is can be a big help to get me back on track!

What I love about this book is the non-judgmental, we have all totally been there, kind of approach that is taken. Todd uses specific examples to highlight each point he is trying to make and then gives you a little food for thought. The short chapters make it easy to read a few pages, mull it over, and then try to put it into practice.

The Parenting Tools

Tool #1 – Talking

Tool # 2 – Listening

Tool #3 – Influencing

Tool #4 – Connecting

Tool #5 – Teaching

Tool #6 – Encouraging

Tool #7 – Correcting

Tool #8 – Leading


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