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15 Awesome Non-fiction Animal Books for Kids

15 Awesome Non-fiction Animal Books for Kids

Children of all ages love animals! That’s why it is a great subject to help the get used to reading non-fiction. Non-fiction is what they will read the most during their adult life, so getting them used to reading it now will help them later on.

15 Amazing Non-fiction Animal Books for Kids from Starts At Eight

It is a totally different style and many children aren’t used to it. So help your children get acquainted with, and learn to love, non-fiction with the help of these amazing Animals Books.

Non-fiction Animal Books for Kids

These books are filled with amazing facts your children will love! From dangerous to pets, animals offer thousands of unique learning experiences.

1. My Wild Animal World

A first introduction to the animal kingdom with mini books that tell all about different wild animals. Perfect for little hands and curious minds.

My Wild Animal world


2. Peek Inside Animal Homes

Children will learn all about animal habitats in this lift the flap book. It is filled with fun facts and lots of things to find to keep young children’s attentions.

peek inside animal homes

3. Peek Inside the Zoo

If your child has never been to the zoo before, or maybe they love it, this would be a great book for them! Lots of cutouts will have children guessing what they will see next in the zoo exhibits.

Peek inside zoo

4. Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Animals

Kids ask lots of questions, but this book answers the most common questions about all different types of animals. Even adults will learn something new as they lift the flaps and ask why, how, true or false!

questions and answers about animals

5. Big Book of Big Animals

This book has 4 giant fold out pages about the worlds biggest animals.

big book of big animals

6. Secrets of the Rain Forest

One of the most popular books of 2014, this has hidden images of animals that can be seen by shinning a flashlight behind the page. Children will learn all about the Rain Forest and the animals that live there.


7. Dangerous Animals

Which animals are the most dangerous in the world and why? Find out in this leveled reader that also includes internet links in the back for more resources.

dangerous animals

8. Dogs and Puppies

Does your child want a dog? This book will teach them everything they need to know about raising a puppy and taking care of it.

dogs and puppies


9. Poisonous Animals

An extremely important topic, especially if you live close to some of these animals. This book will show your children how to identify different poisonous animals so they can steer clear of them.

poisonous animals


10. World of Animals

It’s like a dictionary for animals. This book contains amazing photographs, maps, and more to help children locate and learn about the animals they love!

the world of animals

11. Pocket Book of Mammals

If your children like to remember trivia, this is the book for them. It contains bite-sized facts for more than 100 different animals!

pocket reference mammals

12. Dinosaur Sticker Book

This book contains over 80 different dinosaurs! It’s like a puzzle book where you need to find the right dinosaur sticker to place with the right facts.

dinosaur sticker book

13. Build the Bones: Whale

The Blue Whale is the largest creature on the planet. Not only will your children learn all about them, they’ll also get to build a Blue Whale Skeleton. It’s a hands on learning activity inside a book!


14. Great Animal Search

Explore different animals habitats and learn about the animals in them while solving the puzzles on every page! Can you find all the animals in this great search?

the great animal search


15. Animals at War

These are the amazing stories of horses, dogs, and even elephants who have helped us in even the bloodiest battles. This book has dramatic stories that will have readers in awe of these animals.

animals at war

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