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Highbrow Educational Videos for Children

Highbrow Educational Videos for Children

As parents of young children the quality and appropriateness of online content is often a concern. Do you have a child that loves to watch short videos? Are you concerned about just getting quality educational videos for children without all the adds and comments?

Highbrow Educational Videos for Children from Starts At Eight

Good news! Highbrow might be just the thing for your family! {Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was compensated for my time in writing this review. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Highbrow Educational Videos for Children

Highbrow is a video subscription service that provides high quality educational videos for children.

Highbrow Educational Videos for Children - Features from Starts At Eight
You can browse through Highbrow’s content by age, subject, or content provider. The videos are for kids in the age range of 1-13, and include many subject areas such as sign language, Spanish, music, math, science and more!

As you browse you can assign videos to any of the multiple child profiles you can create with your subscription. Once they have been assigned you can keep track of each child’s progress through your main parent account, and they can earn stars and rewards for videos watched!

Highbrow is like the Netflix of children’s educational videos!

  • Monthly subscription = $8/month
  • Annual subscription = $60/year (works out to a low $5/month)
  • First month is free in both packages!

Benefits of Using Educational Videos for Children

There are many benefits to using educational videos for children.

1. As Highbrow tells us on their site, “It is a well-known fact that children spend hours in front of the screen everyday. Unfortunately the reality is that most of that screen time doesn’t teach them anything. This really bothered us. So instead of taking technology away from children we decided to embrace it.”

2. While there is no Highbrow app yet, this program can be used on your PC as well as any device that offers Internet. We use it on our iPad and love the portability of it that way. My daughter can sit at her desk and prop it up to watch and do some drawing, or she can snuggle up in a cozy chair and watch videos that way.

Highbrow Collage

3. Hands on learning through things like science experiments and drawing are just a video away for your visual, hands-on learners.

4. Using Highbrow for your younger children affords you the peace of mind that they are getting quality screen time which frees you up to work with other children, do the dishes, or maybe even sit for a few minutes!

5. Highbrow offers multiple kids profiles which means each of your children can have their own custom viewing lists, tailored to their interests and needs.

Highbrow Multiple Profiles

 Highbrow Videos at Work in Our Homeschool

Highbrow Educational Videos for Children - Goose

One of my daughter’s favorite things to do is watch the Learn to Draw videos and create new, fun pictures. So far they offer over 100 videos to guide your child through fun and educational cartoon drawing techniques.

It offers her the opportunity to learn about line drawing, coloring, shading, and more. She can easily pause the videos and go back if she needs more time.

This has added a fun art component for her that is completely hands off for me! It is a win-win situation in our home! An educational experience for (one that she sees as fun), and a little time for me to focus on another child or do something for me.

Finished Goose - Highbrow

Connect with Highbrow

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