Never Have I Ever Homeschool Edition

I have seen a ton of Never Have I Ever memes floating around the Internet. Some totally relatable and some totally off the wall. How about we take a look at a Never Have I Ever Homeschool Edition? I’d be interested to hear what some of yours might be. (Feel free to leave them in the comments)

Never Have I Ever Homeschool Edition from Starts At Eight is a funny look at some of the things we do (or don't do) during the course of our homeschooling years.

For those of you that haven’t seen something like this, please note that these are true, but snarky too! Homeschooling offers us a wonderful opportunity to live our lives as we choose, and to be flexible with our time. That often means we do some things, even some silly things, that others might not do.

Never Have I Ever Homeschool Edition

So here goes…Never Have I Ever…

  • Bought curriculum and then didn’t use it
  • Stayed in our pjs all day
  • Had more than 30 books out from the library at a time
  • Been asked how I socialize my children
  • Been asked why my kids aren’t in school
  • Taken a “sun” day when the weather is nice
  • Planned outings based on the public school calendar (Museums are quieter when school is in session!)
  • Had an Office Supply store in my house
  • Owned a laminator
  • Given my kids educational games as gifts
  • Told the kids they were going to public school
  • Considered chores as home economics (or cooking)
  • Had my older child help the younger one because I didn’t know how to do the math problem
  • Used Minecraft for schooling
  • Had more than $5 in library fines
  • Ceased all schooling out of frustration
  • Schooled on a public school’s snow day
  • Let my kids sleep til noon on a school day
  • Taken our schooling on the road
  • Had my kids (or myself) forget what grade they are in

You get 1 point for each one you’ve never done! Leave your score in the comments!