Negligence or Maybe Just Procrastination

My motivation to blog has waned recently and my feeling of guilt over it is rising!  During certain moments of the day I ponder the reasons why.  Here are a few that I have come up with:

  • the weather is still nice, summer is still here, so I am making the most of it
  • activities for the kids keep piling up, the school room and plan for the fall needs to be finished
  • I am not sure I really have anything worthwhile to say or offer, although this space was originally created as a sort of virtual journal so what should content matter as long as I like it
  • I see more in my head for this space, but lack the gumption to make it a reality
  • I feel as though in less than 2 weeks we will start up full force with school, and thus morning work, so I should have more time to sit here in the homeschool room, in front of the computer, and do a little blogging

I always feel as though when I thrive in one part of my life, another part suffers.  If I keep the house super clean, then I never get to spend time with the kids, or if I read for my pleasure, I never get to watching the shows I would like to.  My blog feels like this right now.  Since I am otherwise engaged with other things, there is less time for this.  My hope is that the shift in schedule will help to change that.  Until then, I will just have to stave off the guilty feeling of not fulfilling my commitment to this blog, and know that I have filled the time with something equally as important.