NaBloPoMo ~ March 2010

Over at NaBloPoMo, every month is a new month for you to make  your “National Blog Posting Month”.   Their suggested theme for this month is STRANGE(R).  I successfully participated in their February Blog Posting Month.  Although, it kind of felt like cheating because it is the shortest month of the year!   As the end of February neared, I was tired of posting, or at least the pressure of feeling like I had to put out some fantastic, over the top entertaining post every day!  Then a new day dawned and I seemed to get into the groove.  Realizing that the reason I do this is primarily for me, so every post only has to be what I make of it!  The rest of you can choose to read it, or not, or if you are like my father, complain about how “long winded” my post was! 😕   For many of my days I have a set topic, objective, or plan which helps to make posting faster and easier.  For the other days I feel as though I am freed up for some riveting post I want to insert or some other format or medium that I would like to try.

On Monday’s I try to enter the photo contest over at I ♥ Faces.  It can be very discouraging if you look at some of the fantastic quality photos that people post there.  I try not to think about that and I use the contest as a forum for me to view my photos in a different light.  I enjoy searching through old photos and thus revisiting old memories in search of a photo that fits the bill for their theme each week.

On Tuesday’s I take a moment to reflect and fill in the questions posed by the Simple Woman over at The Simple Woman’s Daybook.  It makes for a nice mini-journal about what might be going on in my life during that week.

On Wednesday’s I do some more photo searching in honor of  Wordless Wednesday or Wordless (almost) Wednesday as I like to call it!  For some reason I find it rare that I can post a picture without the story behind it or at least a caption or date.  I wonder why that is?  Oh yes, I know, I talk too much!

Friday’s are usually my Flashback Friday’s where I post something from the past….. Old photos, or a story, most of the time both!  It was great for celebrating Jayden’s birthday in December by looking back at his past birthdays.  I thought I might start a “Mister Linky” of this myself but of course there is a blog for it already.  My hope is to come up with a good idea for people to latch onto as use for their blogs, like I do with so many others.  Joey and I talked about the idea of a virtual book club.  Where I am reading a book and others around the web can join me.  Then we create some kind of a system for discussions, questions, answers, etc.  It sounds great to me in theory, but I am not sure if I could make it work.

Getting on to the point of my “long winded” post, I was thinking that since it is already March 14th, and I have posted every day this month, that maybe I will get on the March NaBloPoMo band wagon.  If I am successful then I can say that I posted every day of the month for the shortest month (February), and one of the longest months (March) of the year!