Flashback Friday ~ Brothers

We have many, many, many photo albums in bins that I do not have access to from before my digital camera days.  Joey has just started emptying them out and scanning them so that I/we/our whole family will have access to them.  Thus, I get to take a walk down memory lane in new time periods and places than I have before.  As I was searching for a quickie photo idea for Flashback Friday, I found one from my dad’s 60th Birthday celebration in August of 2002 that struck a cord with me.  I think this is the last time that he and his 3 brothers were all together in the same place.  So this is  in honor of my dad and his brother’s, and the hopes that some day we will have a photo of them all in one place again!

Toni, Richard, Winnie & Henry all together – August 2002