My Many Colored Days Unit

My Many Colored Days is a rhyming story that offers a wonderful way for parents and teachers to talk with children about their feelings. Each day is described in terms of a particular color, which in turn is associated with specific emotions. Using a spectrum of vibrant colors and a variety of animals, this uniquebook covers a range of moods and emotions.

Some days are yellow
Some days are blue.
On different days
I’m different too.
You’d be surprised
How many ways I change
On different colored days!

My Many Colored Days Unit from Starts At Eight

On bright red days
How good it feels
To be a horse
And kick  my heels!
On other days
I’m other things

My Many Colored Days

On bright blue days
I flap my wings!
Some days, of course
Feel sort of brown
Then I feel slow and low, low down.
Then comes a yellow day
And wheeeeeee
I am a busy, buzzy bee!

My Many Colored Days

Then comes a mixed up day
And I don’t know
Who or what I am!
But it all turns out alright you see
And I go back to being ME!

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