Homeschool Middle School World History for Free

This business of homeschooling can get mighty expensive! It can be so hard to find quality resources at no (or low) cost. There are often freebies out there but they are incomplete, or not enough, or just not what you are looking for. I was so excited to come across these FREE Homeschool Middle School World History Resources!

Homeschool Middle School World History for FREE! from Starts At Eight. Homeschool Middle School World History for FREE with these quality resources, includes videos, printables, full text, interactive websites and more!

I like to be sure to cover World History in both middle school and high school, but I don’t want to use the same resources. It’s nice to mix it up with different styles of learning. Plus using different resources offers a wider range of topics covered, as well as the opportunity to go more (or less) in depth. I was able to find and use FREE Homeschool Middle School World History resources which help us to keep the cost down.

Homeschool Middle School World History

Journey Across Time from Glencoe

World History: Ancient Civilizations from Houghten Mifflin

Chapter List:

Click on each one of these to be taken to the individual chapters.

Companion Website:

Go to the Houghton Mifflin website for Homework Helpers, Interactive Activities, Chapter Quizzes, and more!

Discovering Our Past: Ancient Civilizations from Glencoe

 1 The First Civilizations
– Mesopotamia Civilization
– New Empires
Ancient Egypt and Kush
– Egypt’s Old Kingdom
– The Egyptian Empire
– The Civilization of Kush
The First Israelites
– The Kingdom of Israel
– The Growth of Judaism
Early India
– Hinduism and Buddhism
– India’s First Empires
Early China
– Life in Ancient China
– The Qin and Han Dynasties
The Ancient Americas
– The Mayan People
The Ancient Greeks
– Sparta and Athens
– Persia Attacks the Greeks
– The Age of Pericles
Greek Civilization
– Greek Philosophy and History
– Alexander the Great
– The Spread of Greek Culture
The Rise of Rome
– The Roman Republic
– The Fall of the Republic
– The Early Empire
10 Roman Civilization
– The Fall of Rome
– The Byzantine Empire
11 The Rise of Christianity
– The Christian Church
– The Spread of Christian Ideas

Companion Website:

Go to the Glencoe website for Chapter Activities. Look in the toggle bar on the left side of the screen, select the Unit and Chapter to find an overview, web activity, quiz, puzzles and more!

World History: Human Legacy from Holt

We used this for our son’s 8th Grade History. {See all our 8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum here} We printed each of the books and then I had them spiral bound at Staples for $5/each.

Crash Course World History

World Geography Printables

Click on the image below to download this FREE Printable Pack that includes Scavenger Hunt maps for each continent, an atlas project, printable BINGO game and more!

Fun With Geography: FREE World Geography Printables from Starts At Eight