Give Yourself A Healthy Lighting Workspace ~ A Verilux Review & Giveaway

Research shows that natural spectrum lights help us see better, reduce eye strain and fatigue, as well as improve our ability to process information.  People who use Verilux lighting report that they can read and work longer on projects of all kinds. More over children greatly benefit from using these lights while studying. Using Verilux lights and bulbs you can give yourself and your children a healthy lighting workspace.

Give Yourself a Healthy Lighting Workspace ~ A Verilux Review & Giveaway from Starts At Eight

Verilux Disclaimer

Below is a  graphic showing in detail the Verilux difference compared to conventional lighting in the eye. As you can see, Verilux lighting properly stimulates both the rods and cones, whereas conventional lighting stresses the cones. This means compromised visual acuity due to glare and eyestrain, and fatigue occurs sooner with conventional lighting.

Verilux Eye Chart

About Verilux

Founded in 1956, Verilux, Inc., “The Healthy-Lighting Company,” designs and manufactures environmentally-friendly lifestyle products utilizing Natural Spectrum® lighting technology to improve vision, well-being and environment. A pioneer in light technology products for healthy living, Verilux offers a wide range of high quality home, office, and travel products engineered to improve reading, help alleviate the symptoms associated with seasonal light changes, aid in sleeping, sanitize surfaces without the use of chemicals, and clear and rejuvenate the skin.

Connect with Verilux:

Improve Academics With a Healthy Lighting Workspace

From Verilux:

If you or a loved one want to do better in school, one place to look for improvement is in the light from the reading lamp he’s using to study. It might not seem so, but quality lighting can improve productivity and make a huge difference in minimizing the glare and eyestrain that lead to fatigue and compromised performance.

All Verilux productivity lighting products feature Natural Spectrum® illumination that simulates the best qualities of natural daylight to help you see better. This is light the eye likes: It better stimulates more of its photoreceptors, so some of them aren’t working too hard while others have nothing to do – a scenario that causes glare and eyestrain and accelerates fatigue. Also, a relaxed eye has a smaller pupil that can better focus the light, so it’s in a much-improved environment, conducive to increased visual acuity and processing.

Studies show that students have higher rates of achievement with less stress when they’re in classrooms that have lighting with qualities similar to Natural Spectrum.

Find out how better light may lead to better grades. Check out the full line of Verilux productivity lamps.

How We Are Using the Brookfield Natural Spectrum Desk & Table Lamp in Our Homeschool:

We have a designated homeschool room in our house.  While we have a fairly large bay window to offer up some natural light, it is never enough.  Due to this we have been using a desk lamp that attaches to the desk over our children’s computer desk.  This is where they not only spend their time on the computers, but do most of their written schoolwork as well.

Upon receiving the Brookfield Natural Spectrum Desk & Table Lamp I stopped using the previous desk light.  You can see below the dramatic difference between the two lights.  The Verilux light offers a much more natural form of light for the kids to work by.

Before & After a Verilux Healthy Lighting Workspace Makeover from Starts At Eight

The kids have truly found a difference with using the Brookfield Natural Spectrum Desk & Table Lamp.  They used to complain about not having enough light, and would squint or complain of tired eyes.  With the Verilux light these complaints have all but disappeared!

Our plan now is to purchase some bulbs for our existing fixtures to create healthier lighting in other parts of our house (beginning with my nightstand where I use the light to read at night).

Purchase At a 25% Discount:

You can purchase the Brookfield Natural Spectrum Desk & Table Lamp at a 25% discount using this PROMO Code (BROOK25) at check out. This promo will expire August 15th, 2014.

Verilux Healthy Lighting Workspace Giveaway:

You will get your choice of either the Brookfield Natural Spectrum Desk & Table Lamp or up to 6 bulbs of your choice to convert your existing lamps into a more healthy lighting workspace.

Verilux Compact Flourescent Bulbs Offer:

  • Natural Spectrum CFLS help you see and feel better
  • Brings daylight indoors allowing you to work more efficiently
  • Uses 75% less energy and yields a life of more than 10,000 hours
  • Brighter rooms & colors
  • Increased contrast & clarity
  • Reduced eyestrain & fatigue