Giant Sea Creatures – An Ocean Animals Unit

Under the ocean there is a whole different world to be explored. It is a unique habitat with creatures large and small. Learn about giant sea creatures such as sharks, whales, squid, and more in this fun ocean animals unit.

Giant Sea Creatures ~ An Ocean Animals Unit from Starts At Eight

Giant Sea Creatures

Using the book Amazing Giant Sea Creatures from DK Publishing as a spine for this unit, my elementary aged daughter set out on an adventure to explore the giant sea creatures of ocean! {Many thanks to DK Publishing for providing the book to us for review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Amazing Giant Sea Creatures

This book is an over-sized board book loaded with facts and awesome photos! My 8 year old has dragged it everywhere! It has held up beautifully and offered her hours of enriching entertainment looking at the photos and reading the facts!

Animals Included are:

  • dolphins – Did you know a dolphin can swum 3-7 MPH? They also live up to 25 years.
  • jellyfish – The Lion Jellyfish has a body up to 6 1/2 feet in width, and tentacles that span up to 49 feet!!
  • sharks – The Great White Shark is the biggest predatory fish on earth!
  • walrus – The scientific name for walrus means, “tooth-walking sea horse,” because they use their teeth (tusks) to help them move.
  • whale – Whales eat giant squid, octopuses, rays and other large ocean animals.
  • squid – With 8 arms and big, long tentacles, the giant squid is pretty terrifying. However, this is actually a very gentle creature, and is harmless to humans.

Shark Attack!

You can also find out more information about ocean animals and so much more on DKs new website:

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FREE Lapbooks/Unit Studies

  1. Sharks – learn about their babies, diet, safety, and more. Create a fun shark craft too!
  2. Dolphins – A unit study, lapbook, crafts, activities and more! Also check out this Dolphin Tale Unit and watch the movies!
  3. Whales – Learn about whales such as the Sperm, Beluga, Blue Whale, and Humpback.
  4. Jellyfish – Unit study and lapbook printables.

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YouTube Playlist – Giant Sea Creatures

Check out kids friendly videos of some of the giant sea creatures, draw a walrus, and more!