Fun Resources to Learn About American Presidents

One of the major parts of both American History and current events is the study of our American Presidents. From the basic facts to more intimate details of each one’s life, we learn and are possibly intrigued by the facts we gather. A great way to learn about American Presidents is through books.


Fun Resources To Learn About American Presidents from Starts At Eight. Learn about our U.S Presidents through engaging books, hands-on fun, printables, and games!

Not only have I collected a few varied book resources to help your student learn about American Presidents, but I have also gathered a few fun hands on things and printables too!

Books to Learn About American Presidents

1. Our Presidents Rock

Our Presidents Rock!

This book by Juliette Turner begins with a great introduction about how anyone can become President.

Our Presidents Rock!then follows up with 4-6 page sections detailing each President.

I love how this book not only gives rote facts, but also fun facts, and a glimpse into their lives too!

Fun Presidential Facts

I think my favorite section is “What Has He Done For Me Lately“.

What Has He Done For Me Lately

In this section it tells you how what the President did during their term in office is still doing for us now. Things like the 16th amendment being passed during Taft’s administration which gives us our present day income taxes. This offers real time (how does it affect me) insight for students to grasp on to instead of just a history of dates and actions.

{I recently received this book for review from ZonderKidz. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

2. The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents

U.S. Presidents

This book by Todd Davis includes fascinating facts about each President, and includes an American History Timeline.

The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents is a great nuts and bolts resource, like and encyclopedia of Presidents.

3. I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents

I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents

I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents: Cool Stuff You Need To Know contains fun and interesting things that you might not always hear about our Presidents.

I think that knowing things beyond just their rote facts helps to make each of them become more real, and relatable as an actual person and not just a figure head of our country.

4. Hands on Fun with American Presidents & The White House

Hands On Fun With American Presidents & The White House from Starts At Eight


Printable Resources to Learn About American Presidents

  1. FREE Printable U.S. President Flashcards
  2. Presidents Fact Sheets
  3. Presidents Lapbook with Study Guide
  4. Presidents Time-Line Game
  5. FREE Presidents Lapbook & Notebook
  6. President Bios Copywork
  7. FREE President’s Day Lapbook

Other Fun Learn About American Presidents Activities

1. Learning the American Presidents Through Song

2. President Adams’ Alligator – a fun look at the Presidents through their pets.