Flashback Friday-Jayden Edition

Spending scheduled time with my “Walk and Talk” buddy Shana and her boys has been such a joy over the past months.  I look forward to getting out and sharing a piece of me with her, and getting to accept all the wonderful pieces of her she has to offer me.  Shana, I know you will read this and I want you to know how truly insightful you are, and not only how genuine and real you are, but how wonderful you are.  You touch my heart with every photo, funny story and sentiment that you carry around with you and share with so many of us.  Your boys are VERY lucky to have you as a mom.

Ok…..so after that side note, maybe I should get to my point!   Along with Shana comes two special little boys.  In particular Alex strikes a cord with me every time I see him.  There is something about his size and those eyes that reminds me so much of Jayden when he was Alex’s age.  Alex is very small for his age wearing size 9 month clothes at almost 1 1/2.  Jayden was the same.  At the age of 2 1/2 he weighed 18lbs and wore size 12 month clothing.I promised Shana some retro Jayden photos in the hopes that she might see what I see, every time I look at Alex.

Happy Boy - November 2003

Happy Boy - November 2003

Alex the 1st - November 2003

Classic High Chair - December 2003

On the move - December 2003

Trouble - December 2003

"Caged in" - December 2003

Classic food smear-January 2004

Cone head July 2004