Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #101

Finishing Strong is a place for families who are homeschooling middle & high school kids to meet up in order to share tips, encouragement, advice, and more. We know it can be stressful homeschooling teens, which is why we’ve built this community!

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years #101 from Starts At Eight

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We hope you’ll take some time to check out the amazing posts that have been shared with us. We are so thankful to all of our readers and contributors who help make Finishing Strong a key resource for everyone homeschooling through the middle & high school years.

Below are some of the posts I enjoyed last week, as well as the one that received the most clicks (in the #1 spot). Did I choose one of your favorites?

1. 100 Books You Should Read by the Time You Turn 20


Our most clicked post this week is from one of our hosts – Heather from Blog She Wrote!

Here are some other great book lists:

Historical Fiction Learning History Through Literature from Starts At EightHigh School Literature List Series from Starts At Eight

2. High School Homeschool Art Curriculum: Drawing Eyes


I LOVE the tutorials from Inspire My Artist! She does a better job than my daughter’s college professor!

Also check out her guest post here at Starts At Eight!

Art for Teens Who Say They Can't Draw from Starts At Eight

3. Using Picture Books to Teach Voice


Learn the definition of voice, how to find it, how voice influences perspective and more! It is easy to do with simple picture books rich with great writing!

4. Why Do People Think School is the Only Place to Meet New People?


It’s the age hold homeschooling & socialization question! YES you can meet people in other places other than inside the 4 walls of a brick and mortar school!

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