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  1. Jen Mackinnon
    October 22, 2016 @ 4:23 pm

    As a mom of two teens this was great read. I love the tips you shared 🙂 Thanks!

  2. susanhomeschooling
    October 24, 2016 @ 12:20 pm

    It’s scary what kids will see nowadays on the internet without even trying. Their whole lives can be ruined by placing an indelible image of brutal pornography that will train the boy to damage and harm his wife when he gets married. The horror of what is now on the internet available to unpaid viewers is a sewer of garbage.

  3. Rachel
    October 25, 2016 @ 8:26 am

    Love all the tips. There is a lot of bad, so glad to have some ideas on protecting my kiddos.

  4. Heidi
    October 25, 2016 @ 8:42 am

    This is so true Susan. Just a simple miss click or images that come as “related” can lead down a slippery slope!

  5. Heidi
    October 25, 2016 @ 8:43 am

    Thanks for stopping in Rachel. Helping our kids navigate the Internet safely has become an important part of parenting in these digital times.

  6. tara8910
    October 25, 2016 @ 7:35 pm

    This sounds like a great app. Internet safety is a big concern here.

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