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Elementary Enrichment Program – Enriched At Home

Elementary Enrichment Program – Enriched At Home

Have you ever thought about how you would love to do more with your kids? Things like nature and reading, cooking and nutrition? And as parents we all want to raise children with positive character traits! That’s where this elementary enrichment program – Enriched at Home.

Elementary Enrichment Program – Enriched At Home

Enriched At Home is a cutting-edge digital subscription service delivering at-home enrichment modules for families to facilitate with their children.

{I received free access to Enriched at Home and was compensated for my time in writing this review.  All views are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Enriched At Home is designed to complement every style of elementary education (Grades K-6), allowing families to bridge the gap between traditional school subjects and the development of the whole child.

Each month an Enrichment Kit is delivered (in PDF formant) to provide a framework for developing greater self confidence, health and academic performance.

Each Enrichment Kit Contains Three Research-Backed Modules:

  1. S.E.L.F (Social and Emotional Learning for Families)
  2. Nature
  3. Nutrition

What’s Inside Enriched at Home?

To give you a sense of what is included in each of the categories I’m going to use the February Enrichment Kit as an example.

Ok, ok, I know I am referencing the February Enrichment Kit which inevitably would have a Valentine’s Dayish theme, but I can’t say how much I LOVED the LOVE theme!


S.E.L.F – Social and Emotional Learning for Families, is designed to help families institute a comprehensive character education initiative at home. It’s character development with a splash of literature!

Did you know?  “Social and emotional learning improves academic achievement by an average off 11 percentile points, increases kindness, sharing, and empathy an improves attitudes towards school and reduces depression and stress.” (J.A. Durlak, 2011)

S.E.L.F in the February Enrichment Kit

Some activities included this month:

  • Affirmations like: “I am loved”, “I am loving”, “I am loveable”
  • Reading & Discussing The Giving Tree and Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Five Love Language Family Activity – this is based on Dr. Gary Chapman’s series of books about The 5 Love Languages. Worksheets are included for the whole family to not only think about their love language but the love language of others in the house.



  • 4 easy open-and-go activities adaptable to any outside environment
  • Cues to develop observation skills using all 5 senses
  • Parent guide with tips for the field to help you become an instant nature expert

Did you know?  “2 hours a week in nature helps reduce stress, and symptoms of ADD and aggression while improving mood, emotional stability, physical health and general well being.” (J. Robbins, 2020)

Nature in the February Enrichment Kit

Some activities included this month:

The nature focus for February is Sky & Weather and include things like:

  • Recording & Forecasting the Weather – this activity includes short sessions over the period of week. Observing the weather and recording your findings such as temperature.
  • Understanding & Observing Clouds – Learn about common types of clouds and then get outside to see what you can find!
  • Catching the Sunset – Take a trip to somewhere special, for us the local beach offers great sunset views!
  • Mapping the Backyard – For this activity you can map the backyard, local park or school playground.



  • A foundational nutrition concept simplified for kids
  • 2 family-friendly recipes that bring it all together to prepare and enjoy
  • Parent guide with ideas to teach the value of nutrition to everyone makes better food choices

Did you know?  “Proper nutrition can improve mood, focus, immunity, sleep, and symptoms of disease, while stabilizing energy, reducing sick days and preventing chronic illness.” (U. Maimoo, 2018 and the CDC, 2020)

Nutrition in the February Enrichment Kit

I love that even though this was created to be an elementary enrichment program, so many of the activities can include the whole family! The Nutrition category is a place where you really see this!

February nutrition is all about the sweet tooth! The focus is on how too much is not good. Causing things like our body transforming excess sugar into fat for long term storage.

Some activities included this month:

  • Shifting Your Taste Buds – this is a 3 step process that includes choosing options with natural sugars like fruit, honey, pure maple syrup instead of the usual sugary snacks.
  • Recipes – Guacamole, Apple Crisps


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