Deeply Personal ~ Moments/People That Matter

I am reading a book called 13 Reasons Why (which I will post a review for in the next week or two).  It is about the big/little, known/unknown things that we do/say and how they affect people, or even start a chain of events and thus impact people.  The last Deeply Personal post I put up was about learning to be me.  Now I want to talk about people who accepted me for me.

My Bone

As I said before, Junior into Senior year was rough for me.  At the point in which this story happens I was pretty down.  You will notice that my hair is chopped short compared to what it was in the last high school photo I used.  That is because in my teenage mind I was rebelling against a boyfriend who would not like short hair, so I cut it.  Of course I cut it at the same time I was having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled.  So my face looked rounder due to the shorter hair, and really round because of the swelling.  Thus I was deemed “chipmunk cheeks” for a little while.

Emotionally drained and physically sore, I sat home one night.  I was feeling pretty crappy about my life, or lack there of at this point, and tired of my mouth hurting.  In pops my friends:  Darren, Kevin and Jonesy.  I don’t know if to this day they know how much this moment in time meant to me.  Jonesy and Kevin were very good friends of mine, and Darren, my friend/pain in the behind!  They came by to cheer me up and take me out.  Boy, did I need it at that moment.

Heart and Soul

I don’t remember all of the details, but there was a joke about a bone for me to gnaw on, balloons, a good round of heart and soul on the piano, and a movie in which I was tormented for not being able to eat the sour patch kids! Instead, I sucked on one that lasted the entire movie! LOL! 🙂

This was one of those moments in someone’s life that make a difference.  Moments like these may not have meant much to my 3 friends, but it meant the world to me at the time!  Reading 13 Reasons Why has been another great reminder to me about how we act, what we say, and how we treat others…..because it does matter.  It also reminds me of the song The Call which talks about picking up the phone and letting someone know you are there, as it might just mean something to them.