5 Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Children

Swimming is an important life skill that all children should learn early on. There are so many benefits of swimming lessons for children, and your child will get pleasure from the ability throughout childhood and into adulthood. Not only is it great for their health, but it could one day save their life too.
5 Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Children from Starts At Eight

5 Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Children

Whilst taking your child to the swimming pool yourself and encouraging them to learn, there are some things they may best learn in swimming classes, where they are taught to swim long distances, different strokes and even lifesaving skills.

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Health and Fitness

We all know the health benefits of exercise on the body. Swimming is one of the absolute best forms of exercise as it works every muscle group in the body without putting stress on bones and joints. For children it is a brilliant way to burn off pent up energy, and the swimming pool is a safe environment as they are supervised by trained lifeguards. Instilling the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle in children is important as it will stay with them for life.

Social Skills

Swimming classes are held in groups of children of a similar age and ability. Your child will be able to mix with children outside of their usual peer circle and learn valuable social skills. They will make friends and have fun in a different environment than the homeschool or classroom.


Learning to swim is hugely important to ensure your child is safe around water. There are lots of situations when your child might come into contact with water throughout their lives, and unless they learn to swim they could be in danger in these situations. While you might be able to teach them the basics of swimming yourself, class lessons build up strength and endurance, teach your child to swim long distances, swim underwater and also build lifesaving skills like swimming while wearing clothing, swimming underwater and rescuing others.

Life skill

Swimming is an important life skill that will bring a lifetime of pleasurable experiences. Think what they might be missing out on in later life if they do not learn. Boat trips, beach or resort holidays, pool parties, water sports, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, the list goes on. All of these experiences require the ability to swim, and as your child gets older they could find themselves excluded from such activities if they cannot swim.


Swimming classes instill a competitive streak in children as they strive to achieve more and compete amongst their peers. This is an important character trait that will help them in various environments in school and even later in life at work.

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