August 3in30 Week 4

3in30 I'm In!!

Goal One: Extension from July – “Tone”
The whole family (even my mother) has hopped on the “rewind” band wagon! I find that if I can keep a cool head and a calm tone, then it is easier to deal with the kids and they are more likely to respond in a similar nature. While this goal will forever need to be in our minds, I think we have made great progress over the past 2 months with improving how we respond and react to each other.
Goal Two: If it takes less than 1 minute, do it NOW!
Like I said last week this goal never got off the ground. I find myself trying to adhere to this but would like to work on the kids doing this. My September goals are undecided at this point, but I may decide to add this one in there.
Goal Three: Prepare for 2011/2012 school year
It has been a very busy month of making copies, sorting, organizing, lesson planning etc. Yesterday I spent time adding in the weekly repeating assignments for the kids like music practice/lessons and organized sports. I was also able to get started on planning and organizing for Ava. I do not use Homeschool Tracker + for her so I set up a separate planner for her, as well as getting her Handwriting Without Tears, Math workbook, and Reading activities together, and making a plan for her unit studies.
Chloe’s Teaching Textbooks has not arrived yet. I plan on contacting them this week to see what the estimated arrival time is looking like. Other than that I have everything planned!