Art Project: Learning About Perspective ~ Part II

Art Project: Learning About Perspective Part II

After completing the Railroad Perspective project, I found a short simple book about Perspective (How Artists Use)at the library.

I picked it up so that the kids could read a little more about the technique. This book did a great job of explaining terms such as perspective, depth, vanishing point, three dimensional, and optical illusion.

What I didn’t realize was that there were some fun, simple perspective projects included in the book!  The projects  inspired me to continue our perspective learning by having Chloe and Jayden each re-read the book and chose different projects to accomplish.

Jayden chose the Vanishing Point project.  What I liked about this project for Jayden was how simple it was.  He got to choose simple shapes to draw and then used a ruler for the lines from the shapes to the vanishing point.


Chloe chose the Urban Landscape.  Chloe’s choice required more steps, and more technique to the art. She used watercolors with a LOT of water to get the wispy look for her sky.  After finishing the sky she waited for it to dry so she could move on with the rest of the project.

She much prefers working with markers to working with paints.  She says, “The paint never does what I want it too!” Thus painting the buildings, roads, balloon and trees was much more difficult for her than she would have liked.