Ancient Egypt Unit Study from Home School in the Woods

I have a very hands-on learner in my house. She is my child who loves to create lapbooks and notebooks that she can hold on to and look at over and over again. I will often spend time putting together a unit on something because she has become interested in it. Therefore I am thrilled when I can find comprehensive units that are already done for me!

Ancient Egypt Unit Study from Homeschool in the Woods - Starts At Eight

Home School in the Woods has create something beyond my wildest dreams with their Ancient Egypt Unit Study called Project Passport: Ancient Egypt. {Disclosure: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time in writing this review. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.} 

Project Passport: Ancient Egypt is chronologically the first in the Project Passport series from Home School in the Woods. They also currently have The Middle Ages & Renaissance & Reformation. Then in the next couple of years Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome will be added.

Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Ancient Egypt Unit Study Printables - Starts At Eight

One of my very favorite things about these Project Passports is that they are so intricately done.

Ancient Egypt Project Passport Includes:

  • tons of photos of the finished projects
  • fact filled text for each “stop” (section)
  • timeline resources – called “Snapshot Moments in History” including both the timeline and the timeline images to add
  • a list of extra resources for going above and beyond if you wish (movies, fiction and non-fiction books, audio recordings, and music)
  • engaging audio tours with different character voices and sound effects
  • teacher’s guide book that includes answers where needed
  • a large variety of hands-on projects to chose from

Ancient Egypt Unit Study Timeline from Homeschool in the Woods - Starts At Eight

Beginning Ancient Egypt Unit Study

While there is a bunch of preparation required by the parent before beginning (give yourself time to do the upfront work as it will be worth it once you begin because then everything is done and ready for you), another strength of this Ancient Egypt Unit Study from Home School in the Woods is that it is easily customizable. During this planning phase you look through the study and choose what you are going to use.

Printing and Planning

Ancient Egypt Unit Study Print Ahead - Starts At Eight

When using Project Passport: Ancient Egypt be sure to allow yourself up front planning time to read through the teacher materials and browse through all the components. This will allow you to get a feel for the flow of the study and decide what components you plan on using.

Then get your printer paper ready and do all the printing up front. Doing this allows you to get everything organized ahead so that when you are working your way through you are not fumbling for directions and to get things printed and prepared. Instead you can flow from one thing to the next with ease because everything is organized and ready.

Using Project Passport: Ancient Egypt Unit Study

One of the many pluses with using Project Passport: Ancient Egypt is the amount of flexibility there is with it. You can use every bit of the projects and resources they offer and extended your learning time, or you can scale back some things based on your child’s needs.

My daughter loves to do lapbooking, notebooking, and mapping, as well as hands on projects. We chose to spend our focus for this unit on the timeline, scrapbook components (like the paper dolls), and lapbook.

Ancient Egypt Paper Dolls from Homeschool in the Woods - Starts At Eight

When creating our lapbook we used a second colored folder that I cut to the correct size instead of card stock to ensure it would be sturdy. Ava likes to keep her lapbooks in her room to look at over and over again and this will help ensure it lasts as long as she is interested in it! The extensive project photos that are included with this study make it easy for the “crafty challenged” person like myself to put together each and every piece.

Project Passport: Ancient Egypt Lapbook from Homeschool in the Woods - Starts At Eight

It was great to have the Audio Tours to listen to along the way.  In this short video clip you can see how we are working on our project while listening to the Audio Tour. We listened to each of them multiple times and would often hear something of interest that would send us to our books on Ancient Egypt and to the Internet to find out more.

Book Resources

We found many of the resources suggested in the Additional Resources section of Project Passport: Ancient Egypt to be a big part of our extra learning. It was a great help to have some suggested resources to aid in enriching our studies. We found it to be so much fun to get lost in the pyramids, or read about the mummification process in the many varied resources available. I have collected a bunch of our favorites to share with you here:

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