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No-Nonsense Algebra for Homeschool

No-Nonsense Algebra for Homeschool

Math is a tricky subject in our house, and in many houses, from what I have seen throughout my years of homeschooling. Getting through basic arithmetic usually isn’t so much the problem as navigating Algebra. Getting into higher level math can be a frustrating experience for both parent and student.

No-Nonsense Algebra for Homeschool from Starts At Eight

No-Nonsense Algebra can help both parent and student more easily navigate Algebra. {Disclosure: I received a copy of No-Nonsense Algebra for review and was compensated for my time in writing this review. My opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

How We Use No-Nonsense Algebra

I would like to tell you about my experience with No-Nonsense Algebra from two perspectives.

First up is my high school aged daughter. She is a video based learner and has struggled along the way in math. We were recently faced with the need for her to take a college placement exam in math in order for her to enroll in a science class. She needed to place through basic Algebra. Using No-Nonsense Algebra as a quick refresher for her was super easy!

Now for my middle school aged son. He is a no fluff, get to the point, I want to skip it if I know it kind of kid. He excels in math. No-Nonsense Algebra is a great fit for him too. The lessons aren’t too long so he can finish them in a reasonable amount of time. He doesn’t have the attention span for anything too long or daunting.


Lesson Break Down – In the Table of Contents (you can view the full Table of Contents here) the lessons are broken down into bite sized pieces, making them short and to the point.

Focused Lessons – Each lesson is focused on one thing, offering a quick introduction, some helpful hints, examples, and the exercises for that specific lesson and a quick review. In many cases this happens in just one page. This to the point style is perfect for my son who wants to get in and get out.

Online Videos – Each lesson has a corresponding instructional video. This is great for a video learner like my teen. She can watch the video related to a specific topic she is struggling with, get instruction and work out samples and then head back to the book to try some on her own.

Built In Review – While each lesson is short and to the point, built in review is offered along the way to help your student maintain the skills they have learned along the way. Thus allowing for better retention and flow.

Quick Reference Section – The back of the book features a Glossary of Terms as well as tables with things like important formulas, symbols and more. We have found the list of important formulas to be invaluable as a quick reference.

Readily Available Answers – For me, the teacher, I like having the answers readily available at the back of the book. They are right there so I don’t have to go grab another book, or pull up something online.

Affordable – I couldn’t write this without telling you how incredibly affordable No-Nonsense Algebra is! We have used many math programs and I was so pleased to see how affordably priced this is. At just $23.95 you get not only the book, but access to the online instruction videos too! Plus it is set up so that you can use it with more than one student in your home.

So whether you are looking to give your child a solid start in Algebra, or you have a student who needs to brush up on their Algebra skills, Non-Nonsense Algebra fits the bill.


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