5 Fun Activities for Teaching Kids Home Safety

5 Fun Activities For Teaching Kids Home Safety


Teaching children about home safety should begin at an early age. While older children will grasp important safety concepts, younger children will learn best if you introduce new safety ideas through fun and engaging activities. Here, are five fun activities to get you started on teaching your children how to be safe around the house.

Safety Scavenger Hunt

One important aspect of home safety is being able to locate certain items in the home quickly in the event of an emergency. Make a list of your home’s safety features such as first aid kits, security alarms and fire extinguishers. Then, have a scavenger hunt in which your children race to see who can find all of the items on their list first.

Role Play Scenarios

There are many different situations that could pose a safety risk to your children in your absence. Prepare your children for these situations by role playing possible scenarios. For example, you might ask your child to act out how they would respond if they heard the security alarm go off or if there was a knock on the door when you are not home. This activity can give you an inside look into how your child might respond in an actual emergency so that you can guide them to the correct actions.

Stage a Fire Drill

Although everyone knows they should practice exiting their home safely with the entire family, many families overlook this crucial activity. Start by warning your children about the fire drill beforehand so that no one is frightened. Use a special bell or alarm to alert everyone that there is a drill being held. Then, progress to unannounced drills in the future. Use a timer and try to see if you can beat your time on the next drill.

Have a Mock Safety Inspection

Young children love role playing important community helpers. Among the many people who can help keep a family safe are home safety inspectors. Boston Home Security specialists LifeShield, suggest having your children dress up as safety inspectors, and giving them a clipboard. Then, have them look for safety features in your home such as your home security system. If they find any deficiencies such as a door left unlocked, have them assist you with correcting the problem.

Take a Field Trip

In addition to activities you can do around the home, consider taking a field trip to the local fire department or police station. Many communities hold an open house at their safety facilities to teach children about home safety. While there, they can learn about fire safety, stranger danger, first aid and other important lessons. By making your safety lessons engaging and specific to your home, you will be able to assess your child’s understanding of how to stay safe.

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