Wordless (almost) Wednesday ~ Gene Simmons

A few years ago when we were still putting a bazillion rubber bands in Chloe’s hair for gymnastics competitions, this thing about her looking like KISS (specifically Gene Simmons) started. Her hair was all fluffed and crazy, and she has a gigantic tongue! From then on she was adamant that she was going to be Gene Simmons for Halloween one year. This, was the year!
We were given a KISS t-shirt by chance a couple of months ago and the costume just stemmed from there! We measured and cut black fabric that we already had here at home (Thanks to Aunt Janet sharing her cast offs from her sewing room!). Instead of metal studs we used silver glittered fabric paint that we already had as well. We add black hair spray, face paint, an old belt of mine and blinged out leggings to complete the look! It turned out better than I expected to and she was so pleased with the results!