What Are Your “Must Have” Homeschool Items? G+ Hangout

Everyone’s homeschool looks different. Every parent and child has different needs. What works for you may not work for me. That being said, we all are just a little curious about what people are using and loving in their homeschools!

What Are Your Must Have Homeschool Items 2013

When I sat down to think about what are the “must have” items for us, I decided that each of us really has different needs, and thus a different “must have” list.

“Must Have” Items For The Kids

  1. For Chloe, our freshman in highschool, I would have to say her laptop with Internet is on top of her list. She spends a great deal of time doing computer based learning and research as well as writing papers all from the comfort of her desk in her room, and her laptop!
  2. For Jayden who is our video game crazed child it would definitely be the computer. But for his needs he uses a computer wired to the Internet (faster than wi-fi). Not only is much of his formal schooling done via computer programs, but he also likes to spend his spare time gaming.
  3. For our littlest one Ava, who is very hands on, the list is much longer. Her list would include the many things that would be needed for lapbooking.  The close second would be the iPad.  She spends a fair amount of time waiting around for the other two to finish things like music lessons, science classes, etc. and the iPad allows her to play both educational and other fun games, as well as read stories to help keep her occupied.

Supplies Needed For Lapbooking:

“Must Have” Homeschool Item For Mom

How to Organize Your Homeschool Year with Homeschool Tracker
For me I could not live without my Homeschool Tracker. In a recent post I talk about How to Organize Your Homeschool Year with Homeschool Tracker. There is even a video explaining how I set up and use Assignment Sheets for our children!
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iHomeschool Networks G+ Live On Air Hang Out On “Must Haves”

You can find a whole hour of video conversation and text chat with myself and some other iHomeschool Network members that make up a G+ Hangout on Air (HoA) panel talking all about “Must Have” Homeschool Items.

Some Of The “Must Have” Homeschool Items Topics Covered

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