How to Organize Your Homeschool Year with Homeschool Tracker

I have always been an organizer, a list maker, a type-A high stress need to get things done and checked off kind of person.  This desire was no different when it came to beginning homeschooling my first in 2006.  I love the smell of new books, the feel of new notebooks, and pencils, and the thrill of filling out a new calendar or planner.  As a side note, my current teenager does not share this passion;).

Despite all of my efforts through the beginning years,  I never felt satisfied.  I always worried that something did not get covered, or that we did not do enough.  It was hard to keep track of books read, time spent per subject, what counted as what subject, what was done each day, etc.

How to Organize Your Homeschool Year with Homeschool Tracker

That dilemma only became worse as my children not only multiplied but grew older, and thus keeping good records was becoming more important.  When we moved and I got the homeschool room I always wanted, with book shelves, cupboards and bins to keep everything organized.  The only problem was that we would still get through most of a year and I would be dismayed to find that we were behind or that I had dropped the ball on a particular subject.  My need to see the black and white progress was not being fulfilled and thus I stressed heavily and worried endlessly about the job I was doing as a homeschool parent.

How to Organize Your Homeschool Year with Homeschool Tracker

In Walks Homeschool Tracker To Organize Our Homeschool

Homeschool Tracker has allowed me to organize our days, weeks, months, and years in a manner that has taken the question of if we are “doing” enough out of the equation. I separate out our curriculum into 30-36 weeks and then I know when we need to hit certain parts of our curriculum by the end of each quarter.

Homeschool Tracker Allows Me To:

  • Input lesson plans
  • Keep track of attendance
  • Log grades for each assisgnment
  • Track how much time we are spending in each subject
  • Print assignment sheets for each week
  • Keep a reading log
  • Print report cards
  • Create transcripts
  • And so much more!

How The Homeschool Tracker Agenda View & Assignment Sheets Work For Us

I use the Agenda View and Assignment Sheets printing option to organize our children’s weeks. At the beginning of each week I set up and print Assignment Sheets for our younger two children. They each have a clipboard where these sheets are kept. Each day our children know what to expect, and what they need to accomplish by looking at these sheets. They can check each thing off as they go, and I can place grades on the sheets when I get around to grading each assignment.

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