Wekly Wrap-Up ~ Week 15: Back Into The Swing of Things

Joey was still off on vacation. We were able to get most of our holiday decorations down as well as a desperately needed cleaning out of our storage space in the basement. I started off the week feeling great about all the blog posts I was getting lined up to post as well. The kids also finished their “Build the White House” project. Not a bad start to our week if I do say so myself!
This week is our first week back after our holiday break. I was actually relieved to find that it was an “at home” week as it would enable us to get back into the swing of things with little interruption. Ava and I kind of fell into an impromptu Insect Unit Study (which will be my upcoming Hip Homeschool Hop post on Tuesday). It started because she pulled an insect book off the shelf in our homeschool room and just took on a life of it’s own after that.
The older two and I are taking on multiple books as we enter the New Year. As part of my New Year’s Resolution 2012 I decided to read Harry Potter and thought I would include the kids as well. We are reading a chapter or two a week and using a Novel Study along with it. This allows us to talk about characters, vocabulary, plot, theme, etc. Then we are participating in an online book club through Currclick. Our book for January/February is Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass.
School was a little off as we have had some unexpected changes in our home this week. We now have my mother-in-law living with us, which means some adjustments on everyone’s part. The kids are happy to have her with us, but a little distracted and a little too focused on what grandma is doing! This also meant my camera was not out very much (thus the lack of pictures in this post) Time will smooth these things out.
Today we settled down to watch a couple of videos. Much to my surprise both the kids and I thought they were well done. They found them engaging, and I really liked the interactive questions at the end. The Animated Hero Classics we watched were Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus.