The How To’s For Book Clubs: Finding or Starting Your Own Book Club

Welcome to the third day of 10 Days of The How To’s For Book Clubs. Today we are talking about finding a book club that suits you. Or if you can’t find one that works, then we will talk about how to start a book club of your own!

10 Days of How To's For Book Clubs: Starting Your Own Book Club from Starts At Eight

Having been an avid reader all my life, as I traveled through adulthood I found myself wanting to participate in a book club. I thought about what I might want out of a book club. For me I wanted to gather with other women, mothers in fact, so that we could not only share in a book discussion, but in talk of motherhood, children and families.

Finding & Starting Your Own Book Club

In order for you to search for a book club you need to start by asking yourself that same question. Take a look at the Types of Book Clubs we talked about on Day Two of this series. Once you have an idea of what you want from a book club, the question then becomes where do you look for a book club?

Places To Look For a Book Club

  • Local library
  • Book Store
  • Online – Sites like: Currclick (for kids),Goodreads and Barnes and Noble
  • Ask friends
  • Send out inquiries in any e-mail or social network groups you may be a part of

If you are unable to find any book clubs that suit you then the next step would be to try and form one yourself. Getting a book club started can mean a lot of up front work for you, as well as needing to really extend yourself to put one together. I assure you that if it is a book club you really desire, then in the end the effort you put in will be worth it!

Starting & Continuing a Book Club From StartsAtEight

To read about my journey with book clubs, examples of how I started one, as well as tips to get you started, check out my article called Starting & Continuing a Book Club.

“It was meant as a one time deal but turned into a group of 5-7 of us gathering at yet a different coffee shop to discuss our books. This offered a great commonality in that we all were homeschooling mothers. Not only did we spend time with the book, but much time was spent “catching up,” discussing our current parental concerns, and just offering support to each other.”


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