The Giver ~ Book Discussion & Colorless Activity

For our Mother/Daughter Book Club this month, we chose to read The Giver by Lois Lowry. It had been awhile since I had read it, and I found myself a little surprised (and maybe a little overwhelmed) about how many topics could be discussed after reading it.

Since I have spent time organizing my own thoughts about this book, I decided to gather a bunch of it here. From basic comprehension questions, to discussion questions/topics, as well as the project that we chose to do with our book club.

Web Sites with The Giver Comprehension Questions:

Discussion Topics/Questions:

  1. If you were to write your own ending for The Giver what would happen next?
  2. Do you believe that Jonas and Gabriel have a happy ending? Why or why not?
  3. Why do people break the rule against riding a bicycle so easily?
  4. What does the book suggest about the importance of being able to make choices, regardless of the consequences?
  5. If you were observed by the Elders, what Assignment would they think fit you? What would bring them to this conclusion?
  6. In Jonas’s community, every person and his or her experience are precisely the same. The climate is controlled, and competition has been eliminated in favor of a community in which everyone works only for the common good. What advantages might “Sameness” yield for contemporary communities? Is the loss of diversity worthwhile?

Our Project:

Focusing on a colorless world I sent the girls out with a camera. Each girl was to choose something that they felt captured/represented “color” for them. When they came back I printed each photo in both black & white, as well as color. Then I sort of set them free with craft supplies to create mini posters using their photos. It was interesting to see how each girl had their own creative spin on this topic.



Books in The Giver Quartet:

  1. The Giver
  2. Gathering Blue
  3. Messenger
  4. Son