Taking Your Homeschool on the Road

Let me just start by saying we are not a traveling family. We have not sold our home and piled into the RV for a year long journey around the country! Although there are many days I think this would be great, the type A in me always wins out, and alas we nestle into the predictability of suburbia each night! We do however seem to venture out on vacation each year. Typically two weeks of sun and sand are penned into our calendar!
Given that we homeschoolers have a quirky little habit of believing there is learning to be had everywhere 😉 , and in almost (if not all) situations, our family usually takes our learning on the road with us. That is not to say that our usual school work comes with us, but that we look for opportunities to learn and explore along the way. Last year after returning from Florida, I wrote a post titled Random Things We Learned on Our Trip to Florida. It was comprised of things we saw, tried to do, or talked about along the way. It is amazing what you just stumble upon as you drive down the road of life.
These are the things I would recommend for taking your learning on the road:
1. Look for places near where you are traveling, or along the way, to explore. Look to include things you wouldn’t have access to near your home. Maybe there is some historical site to visit, or a beach, mountain, desert, aquarium, zoo, park, ball field, etc.
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