Reasons Why We Home School

When people ask our children where they go to school, and get the response back from them, “We are home schooled”, we often get that questioning look.  The look that says, “What planet are you from?”.  Believe it or not we consider ourselves to be pretty mainstream.  We did not choose to home school for religious reasons, we did not choose to home school because we are “anti-institution”, we simply followed a path that led us here!

Chloe did two years of preschool, as well as Kindergarten and First Grade.  Jayden attended two years of preschool as well.  We actually had him signed up for a third year of preschool but opted to keep him home with Chloe and I instead.  Ava is currently attending 3s preschool and we have every intention of sending her to 4s preschool as well.  The thing I love about preschool is that it is only a short period during a couple of days a week, and it is a great opportunity for the kids to learn to socialize and grow at a young age.

Now, why exactly do WE home school?

1.  They are only young once and the opportunity to share our lives together is so fulfilling.  Chloe, Jayden, and Ava get the unique opportunity of really knowing each other, and sharing so many experiences together.

2.  No school can give each of our children the kind of individualized attention that I can give them at home.  What better classroom ratio than 3:1?

3.  Being home schooled gives our children the chance to explore the things that interest them.  For instance, Jayden is really into maps so this year we are doing a whole series on World Geography.  Chloe was really into the human body so 2 years ago we spent a great deal of time learning about bones, muscles, and other body systems.

4.  At home they don’t have to wait for others to catch up to their academic level, or be rushed on when they really don’t understand something.

5.  In today’s world so many things are hurried and life can feel so rushed.  Being home allows them the best of academics, extra-curricular activities and down time.

6. I am a control freak 😈 and I really love having a say in what, where, when and how they learn something!  No ones knows them better than I do.

7.  No bullies pushing them down, swearing at them, threatening them with pocket knives (only me with the occasional steak knife 😉 NOT!).

8.  They can lead much more efficient lives.  So much time is wasted “standing in line” at school.

9.  Baking cakes and cookies in the middle of the day.

Not Back to School Cake - September 2007

10.  Being able to frequent museums, and other public places in the middle of the day when they are MUCH less congested with people.

These are just a few of the reasons I could think of right away.  I know there are many more that I am forgetting, probably some really important ones!  My brain is fried from trying to come up with a fantastic post for every day of this month!

People often ask if our kids will go to Middle School, or High School.  I don’t have a solid yes or no answer to that.  We never planned on home schooling, but as so many of us know, life changes in an instant.  We will do this as long as it works for us.  If/when the time comes that it no longer seems to be working, then we will see where our path will take us next.