Quote from Mother Teresa

I recently stumbled upon a blog post where they were talking about a quote of Mother Teresa’s. It comes from the book Where There Is Love, There Is God compiled by Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.

Here is the quote:
“And there can be no real silence in my heart if there is something I don’t forgive, if there is something that I don’t forget. I am busy with that one – so I cannot hear… How can I hear what God is saying if something is there in my heart?”
So let me get this straight; if I am struggling with forgiving someone then I have filled my heart with that and thus I cannot hear God? Isn’t this completely backwards? Aren’t you supposed to deem strength, guidance and support from God when you are struggling with such things? Thus how can you get strength to overcome if the very act of not forgiving is making it so you can’t hear him?
Just thinking out loud here but I just have to say that this defies all common sense and baffles me as to why this would seem like such wise words. It would seem to me that at the very time you are struggling with such an issue is when you would need God the most and this quote implies that you would somehow find silence in your heart without the help of God, so that then you could hear him? Well if you were able to silence your heart on your own then you wouldn’t need God anymore.