Online Technology Classes with MYTEK LAB

If you were to ask me if I was technology savvy I would probably say I consider myself to fall somewhere in the middle. I tend to be good with social media and apps, but not so much with gaming and coding. But in today’s world being tech savvy is important. Luckily for us parents that aren’t 100% up to speed, there are online technology classes that I can help our kids be more tech savvy than we are!

Online Technology Classes with MYTEK LAB

MYTEK LAB offers engaging online technology instruction for grades 3rd-12th. Choose from weekly enriching lessons or specialized beginner to advanced topics.

{Disclaimer: I received free access to a MYTEK LAB class and was compensated for my time in writing this review.  All views are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

About MYTEK LAB Classes

MYTEK LAB Classes are offered as live, online classes that meet every week. These are recorded so that students who can’t attend live still have the opportunity to benefit from these classes.

In addition to the weekly class, students have a weekly help class available in which they can get live help.

All classes are interactive, and the students also have assignments, quizzes, and projects that are due each week.

In the TEKnology Lab Level 1 class students learn programming fundamentals, use many different creative applications and web design tools, and learn general technology concepts.

More Specifically:

  • Computer fundamentals
  • 2D Game Art 1
  • Programming 1
  • 3D modeling for games 1
  • VR Development 1
  • Web Design 1
  • Web Development 1
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing 1

In the TEKnology Lab Level 2 class, students dive deeper into some of the applications and learn more in-depth programming. Level 2 dives into actual coding for each application as well as a more intermediate look into each area of study.

What’s to Love about MYTEK LAB Classes?

1. Live but Recorded – The classes are done each week as live, interactive sessions, where students can interact with each other and the instructor – Mr. MYTEK. But they are also recorded!

** The fact that they are recorded is HUGE for us! We have a busy schedule working at our horse barn and riding so fitting in a fixed class can be tough. Having them recorded means my daughter can still benefit but within her own time schedule.

2. The Instructor – Mr. MYTEK

The instructor is Stephen Souders, otherwise known as Mr. MYTEK. He is fun and engaging. Super helpful and down to earth.

Stephen and his wife, Jacky, opened MYTEK LAB. Together, they have been teaching technology education to students of all ages since February 2015.

** We make an effort to pop in to the live classes when we can. I have to say, if you can, you should!! We were recently logged on about 10 minutes ahead of class (turns out Mr. MYTEK recommends this). What we found was Stephen and Jacky interacting in a fun and relaxed way with the kids who were already logged on. You could clearly see the wonderful rapport they had built with each other.

3. Weekly Help Classes

Every week you can attend the live help class. It is for all their classes so anyone can join to get their questions answered.

4. Online Presence Options

I know that parents vary in how much they allow their children to engage and interact online.

What is wonderful about the MYTEK LAB platform is that you don’t have to turn your camera on, your kids don’t even have to talk. There is a whole chat section where they can answer and ask questions if you don’t want them talking during the class.

** While I don’t mind if my kids are on camera, my daughter didn’t want to be. When she attends class she chooses to keep her camera off.

5. Success Based Not Grade Based

While there are projects and quizzes, the goal of the course is to learn and have success. Your student can submit quizzes as many times as they want until they are happy with their grade.

6. Teacher and Student Interaction

This is a wonderful forum to meet kids of similar ages and interests, and to interact and share with them on a weekly basis.

Having interactive classes offers such a fun, collaborative environment where your child can help others as well as seek help and input from them in return.

Get Started with Online Technology Classes with MYTEK LAB!

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Families who register for Semester 2 can get Semester 1 for $145! That’s all the recorded lessons and assignments for Semester 1 at a discounted price! Simply contact Jacky at to get all set up.