Online Math & Science from Uzinggo for the Middle & High School Student

If you were to glimpse into our home at any given time during the day you would most likely find one or more of us in front of a computer. Unlike when I was a child and you had to go to the library, or talk with a teacher at school, now you can hop on the computer and find out everything you need to know! Whether you choose to listen to music, research what human bone is made of, look for help on a math problem, or simply want to connect with people, the computer is the place to do it.

Online Math & Science from Uzinggo for the Middle & High School Student

Disclaimer for Uzinggo Review

In Come Websites Like Uzinggo

Uzinggo provides online science and math education to middle and high school aged students. Uzinggo offers interactive video lessons, Zing Paths (which are preset lesson paths), both review and preparatory classes, built in assessments, printable activity sheets, a variety of reports, and even virtual science labs.


“With our built-in gaming system, students receive that additional encouragement to keep learning. Through earning Zings and badges as they complete more and more ZingPaths, students are able to purchase virtual goods and even enter drawings for gift cards. Uzinggo is the gamification of education.” – Uzinggo Website


Uzinggo Online Science

Options for the Middle School Life Science - Ecology Path

Uzinggo Science for Middle School:

  • Life Science (Human Body, Heredity, Molecules, Evolution, Cell Structure & more)
  • Physical Science (Matter, Periodic Table, Force, Light, Magnetism & more)
  • Earth & Space (Solar System, Weather, Climate, Natural Resources & more)

Uzinggo Science for High School:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth & Space Science

Uzinggo Online Math

Options for Uzinggo High School Math - Algebra 2

Uzinggo Math for Middle School:

  • Math Foundations – 6th Grade (Ratios, Statistics, Volume & more)
  • Pre-Algrbra – 7th Grade (Rational Numbers, Probability, Equations, Inequalities & more)
  • Algebra Foundations – 8th Grade (Linear Equations & Systems, Volume & Surface Area, Rational Numbers & more)

Uzinggo Math for High School:

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2

How We Are Using Uzinggo In Our Homeschool

I have a child using the Uzinggo One Year Middle School Math & Science Combo and another child using the Uzinggo One Year High School Math & Science Combo.  Each of them are using it in different ways.


For our son Uzinggo is a fun and engaging enhancement to whatever science topic he may be learning about.


We are using the Middle School Science to supplement our Life Science Studies this year.

Given that our son loves the computer and playing video games, Uzinggo is a great fit for him.  The lessons are graphically stimulating and highly interactive.  He gets excited about how many “Zings” he can earn to save up for the rewards that he wants.


For our high school age daughter Uzinggo provides the extra help and new perspective when she gets stuck during the course of her Algebra 2 studies.


Our daughter is using the High School Math Tutorials to help her with the higher level math contained in her Algebra 2 studies.

A great feature of Uzinggo for her is that you can search the lessons by keywords.  For instance, you can search “polynomials” and all the lessons and videos containing that keyword are right at her fingertips! This allows her to get the extra instruction she needs, without having to spend a lot of time searching, or going through other concepts to get what she needs.

Benefits Of Uzinggo For Mom

Uzinggo is an affordable, and easily accessible online program for middle and high school math and science. That means that without breaking my school budget I can have access to this high quality teaching resource. This is a real time saver for me. Once my daughter got into higher level math I would struggle to learn the concepts over so I could help her when she wasn’t understanding something. With Uzzingo I don’t have to learn the concepts in order for her to be taught them as Uzzingo does that for me!

Uzinggo Progress Reports

Uzzingo provides a means for me to be able to enhance my children’s education, teach upper level courses, and supplement learning that is already in progress. One of the great features of Uzinggo is the extensive progress reports that are provided. I can log in to my parent account at anytime to see what my children have been working on, how long they have been working on it, and how successful they have been in the provided activities.

Uzinggo is  offering a 15% discount for purchasers who use the promotional code iHomeschool15 (case sensitive). If you choose the monthly subscription, this discount is valid for up to one year from the purchase date. The discount may be used for more than one package. Therefore you can use it to purchase the middle school package (purchasing the math and science as a bundle already saves you money)and then again to purchase the high school package – both using the same code.

Ways To Find & Connect With Uzinggo

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