One of Those Days

I am having one of those days where nothing seems to go my way.  In fact, I am having a whole week like that!  I am so irritable that my senses are on overload.  My hair that falls in my face like a mop makes me want to pull it out, or back, or shove into a hat or headband,  ANYTHING so it will stop irritating me!  Then add my sweater and coat!  I despise the cold winter months where we have to add bulky sweaters and jackets to stay warm.  I feel like I want to scratch my neck off and just go crazy!

There, I said it.  Not so perfect, not so perky, not so censored me!  Sometimes life just gets under my feet.  The pressure of feeling like I have to put out a fantastic post every day for a month has finally gotten to me!  Instead, today I am writing what a “bad” day feels like for me.  Like I said in the title, it is just “One of those days”.  One of those days where you think you might trade anything to go 5 minutes without hearing the word “Mommy”.  One of those days where if you have to tell that child one more time to sit and eat you think your head might pop off.  One of those days where eating a whole carton of ice cream still might not make you feel any better!

Funny though, the more I type, the better I feel.  Heck, I even just smiled about the carton of ice cream!  Maybe I will trek out to the freezer and see what we have!  Some days being a mother feels overwhelmingly exhausting.  Then there are other days when you can’t image your life any other way.  Today, my Many Colored Day has me feeling black, gray and brown.  I am shooting for happy pink tomorrow!

Ava is knocking on her door to get up from her nap, and dinner needs to be on the table soon.  I think her and I may just have a date with a Wiggles cd and some Pirate Dancing in the kitchen while I cook.