BRAINIKA A Fun Math Game on Roblox

If your kids are anything like mine you probably spend a good amount of energy patrolling their screen time. I bet you are also always on the look out for ways to make screen time both fun and educational. Good news! I found a fun math game on Roblox that you might be interested in!

Throughout my years of parenting and homeschooling I have had to balance my kids (especially my son’s and now grandson’s) screen time. I have never had a problem with them spending time playing games on the computer, as long as they are also doing other things to create balance in their lives. I created this method of limiting kids screen time by balancing it with other activities like chores, outside time, reading, etc.

Between implementing this screen time method, and striving to find fun but educational online games, I feel we have struck a pretty good balance for our kids.

Check out this fun math game on Roblox by BRAINIKA! A fun way for kids in grades K-2 to practice their math skills! Turn their game time into learning time! A review from Starts At Eight.

Fun Math Game on Roblox

I recently found BRAINIKA Math – a new educational math game on Roblox for kids in K to 2nd grades. It takes kids love for online games like Roblox and turns it into educational time parents can feel good about!

{I received free access to the BRAINIKA Math Game on Roblox and was compensated for my time in writing this review.  All views are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Check out this fun math game on Roblox by BRAINIKA! A fun way for kids in grades K-2 to practice their math skills! Turn their game time into learning time! A review from Starts At Eight.

BRAINIKA was created by a mom of an ADHD child who was frustrated by trying to force him to learn.

From Anika… “I am an education entrepreneur who knows seven languages. I have used my knowledge to build two online language schools and create courses through

My son, Tim, is diagnosed with ADHD. I was tired of trying to force him to learn. He gets bored easily and finds it too hard to focus when he is not interested.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both of my kids became lost in Roblox. I felt guilty at first, since many of the games on the platform are mindless. Then, I noticed that Tim had no problem focusing when he played Roblox. He also remained very attentive whenever he played Minecraft. I loved that he had found the motivation to focus, but what he was focusing on was not very educational. I had to find a solution! So, myself and my team developed a small game in Roblox surrounding Math practice. Now Tim can play the game he loves and practice school math at the same time!”

How it works

BRAINIKA is used within the Roblox platform. That means if your kids play Roblox they will be familiar with how it all works. BRAINIKA Math has kids solving problems as they play! Jumping, running, going through mazes, all while earning coins to be used for cool stuff!

Check out this fun math game on Roblox by BRAINIKA! A fun way for kids in grades K-2 to practice their math skills! Turn their game time into learning time! A review from Starts At Eight.

When you purchase BRAINIKA you will get a code to use to connect it inside the Roblox platform. Once they are linked you will have access to easy progress tracking, a safe environment(chatting with strangers is disabled), and kids can make 400 Robux monthly for solving math problems!

Reasons to Love BRAINIKA Math Game on Roblox

5 Reasons You'll Love BRAINIKA
  1. Easy Progress Tracking for Parents – parents track kid’s progress with progress reports sent your email.
  2. 100% Safe Environment – Chatting with strangers is disabled
  3. Kids who LOVE Roblox will have fun learning math! – Every 30 days your child can earn a 400 Robux gift card if they played at least 15 days out of 30 and completed one level with an 85% or higher score.
  4. Affordable – At just $5.95 for one month (or for a limited time $31.90 for a year!) this is an educational game you can get behind!
  5. Recommended by Experts РBarbara Oakley, a scientific advisor, recommends BRAINIKA. Oakley is the author of the course Learning How to Learn (the most popular course on Coursera) and one of the Top 10 Most Influential Women Engineers by Forbes. Also ADHD experts recommend BRAINIKA for helping kids to stay attentive and focused on solving math problems.

Purchasing BRAINIKA Math Game

Two Ways to Buy!

You can try BRAINIKA for a month for a $5.95 one-time payment. One month, no strings! Then you’ll have the option to extend month-by-month or purchase an annual access with a discount.

BRAINIKA Math Game on Roblox 50% Discount

OR Check out this secret link to get 50% OFF the annual subscription NOW! (offer ends September 30, 2021) That’s an entire year for just $31.90!

If you are a school teacher, an educator or a homeschooling parent with 3+ kids at home who has been using game-based learning and would like to use the BRAINIKA Math game in Roblox in class or for home assignments, BRAINIKA would like to give you FREE access. Reach out to to inquire.

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