Making Math Fun! With Books

Math – the ever talked about, spreads fear in the hearts of students and homeschool parents alike, subject. While I am a firm believer in a solid math base, and I choose to use a curriculum for our math base, there are a ton of other hands on, fun ways to introduce, learn, and practice math concepts. How about Making Math Fun With Books?

Making Math Fun!  With Books from Starts At Eight

I have compiled a list of books to help make math fun. They include picture books, activity books, hands on learning fun, and more! While I have put them in subsequent age ranges, you will find that many can go up or down depending on your child. Be sure to check them out and decide for yourself if they are a good fit for your child.

Making Math Fun for Preschoolers

Preschool Math

Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3

Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever

Me and the Measure of Things

Me Counting Time

The M & M’s Counting Book (Ages 4+)

Making Math Fun for K – 6

Math Books Collage

Measuring Penny (Ages 5-8)

Bedtime Math (Ages 4-12)

Divide and Ride (Grades K-3)

The Coin Counting Book (Grades 1-3)

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Weights & Measures (Ages 7-10)

Awesome Minecraft Math Coloring Book Volume 1

The Grapes of Math (Grades 2-5)

Life of Fred Elementary and Intermediate

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series (Grades K-5)

Life of Fred Intermediate Math (Grades 3-8)

Math is Categorical Series (Grades 1+)

Math is Categorical

Sir Cumference Series (Ages 7-11)

Sir Cumference Collage


The Everything Kids Math Puzzles Book (Ages 7-12)

Making Math Fun for Middle & High School

Life of Fred Middle and High School

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra (Grades 5-8)

Life of Fred Intro to Algebra (Grades 6-12)

Life of Fred High School Math (Grades 9-12)

Life of Fred College Prep Math Series (Grades 6-12)

Middle and High School Math Books Collage

Mathemagic! Number Tricks  (Ages 10-14)

Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables (Grades 4-9)

40 Fabulous Math Mysteries Kids Can’t Resist (Grades 4-8)

100 Math Brain Teasers (Grades 7-10)

Guesstimation: Solving the World’s Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin (Grades 7-9)

Hidden Harmonies: The Lives and Times of the Pythagorean Theorem (Grade 10+)

Street Fighting Mathematics (Grade 10+)

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