It’s the Little Things Thursday

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Last week for “It’s the Little Things Thursday”, it was all about Chloe. This week it is Jayden I want to talk about.  Over the past year and a half, Chloe and Jayden have been taking a home school art class together.  Their teacher, Leslie, has been awesome!  Not only does she have great ideas for projects and themes, but she has been great dealing with Jayden!  All who know him realize how difficult it can be to get him to sit still, to focus, to keep out of trouble etc.  Well, Leslie has managed him well and even gotten him to do some really nice projects.
After our first session with Leslie, Jayden said he “loves art class almost as much as his PSP”.  That is saying VOLUMES for Jayden who is a video game fanatic!  Then when it came time to sign up for activities for this year, it turned out that art class was going to be on the same day as another program the kids had been attending and enjoying.  I gave them the choice, and art class with Leslie won hands down!
We just finished another session of art class and at the end of each one we have an “Art Show” in the lobby of the recreation center where they have their class.  Apparently, Jayden took $0.35 in with him when they were mounting their art and setting up for the “Art Show”.  He gave it to Leslie and told her he wanted to give it to her to thank her for putting up with him!  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!  He can be quite the handful sometimes, but it is totally worth it in moments like that when you can see how much he thinks about things and appreciates the things that people do for him!

Full Body Paintings Feb 2009

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