It’s the Little Things Thursday

It's The Little Things Thursday

This week I have been in a funk.  There is no other way to explain in but to say “a funk”.  Last night I had a great Walk n Talk with Shana where we started a plot for our continuing education plans.  I am excited about the thought of exercising my brain for something I want to learn, instead of just for what I need to do for the kids school.

Anyways, nothing has gone our (Joey’s and mine) way over the past week or two which has contributed to our collective “funk”.  From endless car trouble, to endless running around, to endless work to be done, computer issues, extra messes made and last night photos I lost.

Which leads me to my “Little Thing” for the week.  Jayden has been at a cooking class for 2 hours every day so the girls and I have been finding things to do.  On Tuesday, we stopped at a playground for a bit.  The girls played a little, but then as I sat in the truck reading and observing them, they found themselves on a bench to munch a snack and chat.  Seeing the backs of their heads side by side, and watching their mouths and bodies move in conversation became a “moment” for me.  So I dug my little point and shoot camera out of my purse, snuck around the truck, and secretly snapped a couple of photos of them. This little intimate chatty moment between them was a bright spot in my week.

Unfortunately, my favorite ones were lost in my digital computer oblivion last night when I lost all of Ava’s 4th birthday photos as well.  Luckily, Joey was able to recover all the birthday photos from the digital rebel, but my little camera was a little more stubborn.  So the picture I am including here is not the best, but it is of their “bench moment” and it is the only one that was recovered of it, so I will keep it, cherish it, and remember that sweet moment between my two girls!

Please join me in celebrating the “Little Things” that make this crazy journey called “Motherhood” all worth it in the end!  Add your link to the Mr. Linky and then leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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