Happy Valentine’s Day

Chloe's Sign - 2010

I awoke this morning as I always do….to the sound of Ava’s knocking on her door, waiting to get out.  The sound of little feet with noise like a heard of elephants had already been traveling up to my ears.  Chloe and Jayden were up to something.

With Ava dressed in her Valentine’s Day outfit, we headed downstairs to find a trail of signs hung all over the walls.  From Chloe’s elaborate poster board sign, to a whole bunch of pink signs that said “Happy Valentine’s Day” on them which Jayden had created.

In the kitchen I found signs taped to the basement door.  One contained a whole list of rules and the other, two labeled sandwich baggies, one for Jayden and one for Ava.  It turns out Chloe had secretly asked Poppy via e-mail to bring her some extra Valentine Kit-Kat’s.  (Thanks goes out to Poppy for helping her carry out her plan!) She planned and set up a “Candy Scavenger Hunt” for Ava and Jayden.

Chloe's List of Rules!

Jayden and Ava were very excited to get started.  Chloe even hid Jayden’s in harder locations and Ava’s in more visible spaces!  Chloe planned everything in secret, even I was unaware.  Her rules were even broken down into which rooms to look in, proper manners, and how many were to be  found by each of them. Like the mother hen that she is, Chloe shadowed Ava around “helping” her find all her candy bars.

Ava with her loot!

Ava was extremely pleased with her “loot”!  In fact, Jayden and Ava had so much fun that they spent the next 30 minutes or so re-hiding their bags of candy for each other.  Jayden would hide hers, and then Ava would hide his.  Only Ava hid Jayden’s in the toy box each and every time!  The one time Chloe tried to help her by telling her to hide it in the piano, Ava yells out “In the piano?”.  She the proceeded to hide it in the toy box anyways!  This little maneuver turned out to be a fantastic decoy as Jayden headed right for the piano after hearing what Ava had so loudly yelled!

Chloe with 1 of 3 New Shirts

At this point, some of you are wondering about what was done Chloe.  Of course she  made out just fine for Valentine’s Day as well.  She not only got the matching shirt to Ava’s, but 2 other shirts as well.  Plus I purchased these cute bug shaped boxes with candy inside for each one of the kids.  A lady bug for Chloe, a bumblebee for Jayden, and a butterfly for Ava.  For those of you that know them, you know each bug has a meaning for them.  (More on that in another post)

Happy Valentine’s Day to your family from ours!