Grow With Me

In less than two weeks I will be the parent of a teen-aged daughter. I remember being her age. I remember the struggles to fit in, the beauty concerns, clothing issues, friendship troubles, boy crushes, etc.

When I was Chloe’s age I was very close with a family I babysat for. I grew up being their “Mommy’s helper”, surrogate child, and babysitter. I remember a conversation with my friend, the mother, about raising children, and parenting teens. She told me not to worry, that someone doesn’t just dump a teen in your lap and leave you to sink or swim! Instead you start with a baby, and go from there. She told me that I would grow and change along with my child. She was right. With every new bump in the road I think of my friend and her advice and I breathe a little easier.

I see with our 3 children that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. As they get older and the issues change, so do I. I have more parental experiences to pull from the older we all get. I can see in other parents who have younger children that they don’t posses some of those insights yet as their children have not brought them through those experiences yet. It doesn’t matter how many stories or insights people share with you, there is no replacement for experiencing things for yourself. As our children grow, learn, and adapt, so do I.

Grow With Me
– Original Poem Written By Me, Heidi 🙂

Grow with me.
Nurture me as a baby
Rock me as an infant
Steady me as a toddler
Encourage me as a child.

Grow with me.
Teach me to read and write
Teach me to ride a bike
Teach me to be a friend
Teach me to stand up for what I believe is right.

Grow with me.
Mentor me as an adolescent
Believe in me as a teen
Support me as a young adult
Stand beside me as an adult.

Grow with me.
Help me to find where I begin
Help me to love the skin I am in
Help me to be true to myself
Help me to see the strength I have within.

Grow with me.
See me as an individual
Treat me with respect
Believe in my future
Know that I am learning too.